Chef - Kevin Cousin

Kevin Cousin’s culinary journey began as a child helping his grandmother bake cakes for family and friends. Kevin was always amazed that a few ingredients mixed together would result in such a delicious treat. As a young man Kevin worked as a dishwasher after school and weekends at an upscale French restaurant at the time in Northampton MA, called Beardsley’s. That is where he saw exotic ingredients such as white asparagus and caviar paired with great French champagne.

Over the course of the next fifteen years, Kevin honed his craft by working in some of the areas best restaurants including, The Harvest in Cambridge where he had the privilege to  serve the late great Julia Child.   He traveled abroad while involved in an exchange program.

Kevin’s first stop was Japan, where he began understanding the philosophy of aesthetics. Furthermore, the good fortune of winning a culinary competition, enabled him to travel to France. In France he studied at Le Cordon Bleu, where he learned to understand technique.

Chef Cousin’s has also been the executive chef of some of western mass’s hottest dining destination… Sonoma Wine Bar & Grill… Virtuoso Lounge….. Chef Cousin’s passion for the culinary craft fuels his motivation to constantly seek more knowledge by reading cookbooks and exploring what other chefs are creating.

No matter where he goes his grandmother’s approach to cooking is the source of inspiration. A few quality ingredients still makes for a delicious dish.

“Please come enjoy the bounty of fresh locally sourced ingredients, in a meal that is prepared with Chef Cousin’s passion for  flavor and quality.”

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